Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge


Season Dates:  All Year
Fees:  None
Coordinates: 42°32′58″N 119°39′20″W

Hart Mountain National Antelope RefugeHart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is a National Wildlife Refuge on Hart Mountain in southeastern Oregon, which protects more than 422 square miles (1,090 km2) and more than 300 species of wildlife, including pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mule deer, sage grouse, and redband trout. The refuge, created in 1936 as a range for remnant herds of pronghorn, spans habitats ranging from high desert to shallow playa lakes, and is among the largest wildlife habitats containing no domestic livestock.

  • Wildlife photography and observation are the most popular refuge activities. There are permanent blinds throughout the refuge.
  • Hiking is encouraged, but trails are not maintained, though most of the terrain permits cross-country hiking.
  • Backpacking is the only way to experience remote parts of the refuge.
  • Camping is free, but there are no reservations, and there is a 14-day limit. Generators and power equipment are prohibited.
  • Bicycling is limited to roads open to motor vehicles, but the rough roads require sturdy bikes.
  • Fishing is allowed in a few locations, with an Oregon fishing license.
  • Hunting is permitted for a very limited number of deer, pronghorn and bighorn sheep.
  • Rock collecting is limited seven pounds per day, only surface objects may be collected, Digging and blasting are not allowed.