De Sena Family History

The properties listed on this website are all owned by the De Sena Family.

The De Sena Family’s interest in Christmas Valley started back in the early 1960’s. This is when they were first introduced to Christmas Valley by the man who built the Christmas Valley Lodge. At this time the De Sena Family purchased acreage in Christmas Valley from the Penn Phillips company. In addition they also purchased acreage on the View Point Ranch in Christmas Valley.

The De Sena’s association with Christmas Valley has been a family effort starting with Louis De Sena. Following Louis, the effort was continued by his son Stephen and his Grandsons Stephen, Michael and Christopher.

The De Sena Family and their long time and associate, Mark Nieder, have been marketing property in Christmas Valley since the early 1960’s. Mark started showing Christmas Valley property in 1974 and he has continued to show virtually every parcel sold in Christmas Valley by the De Senas”. Mark has personally owned properties in Christmas Valley since 1974

Mark and the De Sena owners have walked every parcel of ground that they have ever bought and sold in Christmas Valley. We always like to have any purchaser look at the property and see the approximate boundaries if they are able to.

Christmas Valley means different things to different people. Some folks buy property here in Christmas Valley to use as a stop off point as they enjoy the sand dunes in the valley. Some people just buy for the pleasure of owning 5, 10, 20, & 40 acres as a weekend get away from the crowded cities along the coast. Some others purchase to get away from the weather west of the Cascades.

In Christmas Valley folks find a drier climate, wide open spaces, a slower pace, friendly people and a sense of community. There is a certain atmosphere and ambiance in Christmas Valley that is not found in other areas.

If you long for clean air, wide open spaces, a rural life style, off the grid independence and nearby recreation opportunities, then you owe it to yourself to explore Christmas Valley. It could be the place for you.