Christmas Valley


One of the most unique, picturesque landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, Lake County, Oregon, is among the few truly unspoiled places on earth. Part of the Great Basin region of the United States, Lake County is home to numerous large alkali lakes.

We are offering property for sale in this high desert area in Christmas Valley.  These properties are beautiful desert sage brush properties with no trees whatsoever, just open space.  Most have no power and are great properties for people who want to get away from it all.

We are about 100 miles north of Lakeview (our County Seat), about 100 miles southeast of Bend and about 126 miles northeast of Klamath Falls.
The parcels are several miles from the Christmas Valley town site.  They either border or are near a paved county road.  There are some beautiful views from these properties.  You will need to drill your own well and provide your own septic system and either solar or generator power.

Surrounding the town of Christmas Valley with its lodge, golf course, lake, motels and airstrip is an Agricultural community of farms and ranches offering an excess of 80,000 acres of level, fertile land on the sheltered eastern slopes of the Cascades which is also our watershed.  To the West, there are ski resorts, and mountains and lakes that attract tourists from all over the world.  Within the county itself are 500 miles of streams, seven major lakes, and some of the finest fishing and hunting in the United States.

5 acre parcels $9,500 with $200 down and $159 month
10 acre parcels $12,500 with $200 down and $159 month
20 acre parcels $14,900 with $200 down and $159 month

The total price of the 40-acre parcels is $19,500 with $200.00 down and $195 month.  The 80-acre parcel is $48,000 with $400 down and $480 per month.  All of these loans are at 6% interest and you can prepay the loan at any time with no penalty.  This property is wholly owned and has no loans on it.
If you are further interested, view our inventory list for a complete list of available properties or browse the property maps.

We own all of the properties for sale on this website and are able to pass on substantial savings to you.

Thank you for thinking about Christmas Valley.